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Thread: Converting Widescreen to fullscreen DVD movies

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    Default Converting Widescreen to fullscreen DVD movies

    Need help on a software that can convert from widescreen to fullscreen DVD movies.
    Please advise of step-by-step to follow.


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    what do you want to do, crop and zoom or stretch the image? Those are your choices.

    pretty much any encoder will let you crop and reencode. If not, frameserve in vdub.

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    Or just change the setup of your DVD player to "Pan and Scan" which will performs an automatic zoom when playing and you will just see the centre section of the widescreen movie taking up the sholw screen.

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    Default widescreen to fullscreen???

    none works here.
    can someone provided a good step-by-step on converting w/s to f/s?
    I'm trying to do that with "Man on fire" w/Denzel Washington.
    Thanks again!!!

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    What software do you have a available to use?
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    I have just about all utilities for dvd editing/encoding, etc..
    What do you suggest that works fairly fast and yields good quality video upon conversion from w/s to f/s?
    Please outline the steps-by-steps.

    Thanks again!

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    As its a download, it's likely the framesize is screwy. What is the frame dimensions of the video?
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    where do I go to determine the frame size?
    It's showing in widescreen mode with huge black bars on top and bottom.
    How do I reduce significantly or eliminate these black bars completely?

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    Install VirtualDub (google for it if you don't have it).

    In VirtualDub:

    1) File > Open > Browse to video

    2) Video > Filters > Add > Null Transform

    3) Click on Cropping. Move the values on the X and or Y axis as appropriate.

    Output as usual.
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    Can't use Virtualdub, as I got a bunch of VOB files.
    Any other software that works directly with VOB files without having to convert to mpeg or avi?

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