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Thread: Audio mono to stereo in Premier Pro

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    Question Audio mono to stereo in Premier Pro

    I bought a Sennheiser Directional Microphone hurredly to use with my canon XH-A1 with stereo IN socket. When I came to edit an important 10 minute track I had just taken I thought my camcorder was faulty until I realised the microphone had a mono jack plug . How can I copy the left sound track to the right sound track to simulate stereo within Premier Pro 2?

    Also, how can I export a short clip from a movie to an avi file? It could easily be done in Premier 6 by exporting the work area but I can't seem to find a way of exporting a small work area to an avi file in Premier Pro 2 .

    Many thanks in anticipation. John

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    Well in cs3 you have the option to convert a mono file to a stereo file, so i guess there's an option in cs2 too .
    And If you use markers and then choose export using media encore it will ask if you want the intire project and you choose not and you'll have another option to export using markers .
    Well it won't ask but it's there on the right top .
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    I use Premiere Pro 1.5, so I don't know about the later versions. When I want to convert a mono track to stereo, I export the audio, then open it in Audacity. In there you can add audio tracks, copy the first track, paste it into the second, then make it into a stereo track before exporting it. Once done, import into Premiere.

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    Or use the Fill Left or Fill Right (I can't remember which now - its been ages since I last did it) audio effects in Premiere and just drag and drop the particular effect onto the mono track and see if it produces a 'right' channel.

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