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Thread: how to do motion menus

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    Default how to do motion menus

    how do you do motion menus in architect??

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    eh? Do you mean an Animated button? -


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    If you want some "motion" video as a background, then HOLD right click on the video you want to import and DRAG directly onto DVDA workspace and release. You then get the option to "Set Background Video" OR Audio or Both!



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    im talking like animated buttons and stuff like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braden View Post
    im talking like animated buttons and stuff like that
    Intersting . .

    OK, my best advice, and really as this IS an involved, though not difficult procedure, is to read-up on Motion Backgrounds in the online help - and that IS useful - for you to get a grip on what is needed to do. Take it slowly and once you have experimented with a few ways you will see how easy it really is. Now, if you get into some issue come back here - yeah?

    I don;t believe in regurgitating something that has been explained much than I, in a place that will be right at the point of needing to known and for you not needing a response from me that might take anything up to 48 hours - yeah?

    Actually, this IS a global plea for others to take on board too. Please read the online help; you get a problem then come here.


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    Grazie, I think Braden wants video on buttons rather than motion background.

    Braden, Grazie has been very polite in his suggestions that you read the manual/on-line help before posting here (and read the "Searching for Vegas Answers" thread at the top of the Vegas forum). I was, perhaps, less polite here

    In this instance you wanted help with animated buttons. I just went into DVDA and into help and typed animated buttons in the search field. Top of the results was a page about button properties, and within that details about "Media" which seems to fit the bill.

    The on-line help and manual are very useful (unlike those with much other software) and, along with the links in the thread referred to above, should be your first ports of call when trying a new technique. If you don't understand something or can't get those solutions to work then people here will be only too glad to help.

    PLEASE show some evidence that you've at least looked for an answer to a problem before posting new questions. If people keep asking the same questions and others keep answering them, this forum will become unusable.

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    sorry guys.. i just can never find what im exactly looking for

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