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Thread: Time for me to post... The second one.

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    Default Time for me to post... The second one.

    (If you've not read my post entitled "Time for me to post... The first one", please read that first. Ta!)

    So. The second video that's mainly my work. This is as far removed from the previous video as is inhumanly possible.

    This one is called "Big Wet Doggy". It's purely and simply a daft excercise to see how strange I could be. It's quite weird.

    The page this link goes to does contain a few small swear words, but the video itself doesn't have any narrative at all, or any other scenes that may be considered offensive. Technically it's safe for young 'uns, but it may well scare them

    You'll probably think I'm a little unhinged after watching this, but, feh, I always wanted to be the one that people were slightly concerned about

    Please bear in mind that this isn't in any way supposed to be a serious video. It's just a daft bit of fun that has grown in my brain.

    Oh, and I'm very pleased, as this video got into this week's newsletter, so we've had over 4,500 visits to the page since the newsletter was released at 4:20pm yesterday (friday 10th). Hooray!

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    Default awsome

    As I said this is my favorite of your work - you need to not be apologetic for going a little out there.

    Edit your post, instead of apologizing say something like:

    "This video is called big wet doggy, it is my impression of the effects of war on the youth of today. I believe that the messag needs to get out there that there is hope and watch for the stay in school and anti drug messages. Above all snuffit glurbet snorflak - by Grabthars hammer I will avenge you" - then let then figure it out

    if you ask me the world needs less stress and more Big wet doggy - if I can get going on a current project I have planned I want to ask you for permission to use a few seconds of it - for the same reason - you gotta love stunned silence followed by a WHAT THE F*#k smile creeping across the audiences face

    I am going to watch it again!
    The tale of my death has been greatly exagerated

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    I dont' see any problem, BUT if the footage you want to use was the stuff that wasn't filmed by me, I'll have to ask the person who supplied it.

    Let me know, and I'll supply the higher quality version.

    On a side note, thanks to the link on b3ta, after checking our statistics, the video has been downloaded a staggering 12,000 times (as of 5am this morning, which is the time our stats page updates). It's a good job we know our web hosts personally, I dread to think how much we'd get charged for transferring over 116GB in 5 days

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    Ironic that being succesful on the internet costs you money. Is that ironic or just annoying?
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    Just annoying.

    Well, it would be for us if we had to pay for the extra bandwidth

    Now who's for a "big wet doggy" t-shirt?

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