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Thread: What camcorder should i choose.

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    Default What camcorder should i choose.

    We are lookin at buying a camcorder to film our unborn child when born and family events.etc etc.
    Im just wondering what would be the best to get. One with the little Cd's or a hard drive one. What really is the difference. i dont want to buy one or the other and our memories wont be able to be shown in a couple of years.

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    Do you plan on doing any editing of your movies or do you just want a camcorder to record and playback family events? If you want to do editing such as cutting out all the out of focus shots, shots of the ground when you thought the camcorder was switched off and add things like music, effects, transitions and titles then go for a Mini DV camcorder (small tape). If you just want a point, shoot and playback camcorder then go for a Mini DVD or Hard Disk camcorder, it really depends on what your long term plans are.

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