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Thread: Editing suite for a novice

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    I’m new to the forums today and wondered if any good members could point me in the right direction. I wasn’t really sure where to put this post as it seems a bit basic.

    I work for a non-league football club and next season we will be regularly recording matches, interviews with players and features that we would like to edit at our football ground. I wanted some guidance as to the costs of basic (but decent) editing equipment that we would need to purchase?

    Footage would be recorded onmini dv tape. We have cameras and laptops (though no firewire ports).

    Also, we use a freelance cameraman for matches and ideally we would like to pipe footage straight from his mini dv camera into our editing suite so somebody can be cutting highlights during a match.

    Many thanks

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    You MUST get a firewire port sorted.

    As for software the free option is built into xp - many people find this sufficient. Have a play with that first.

    Next you can spend £ 50 to 100 on something like vegas platinum or premier elements, these are stripped down versions of full on editors that cost £300 and upwards.

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