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Thread: "choppy" video in Premiere. I need some help please.

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    Default "choppy" video in Premiere. I need some help please.

    Hello everyone,

    I should preface by stating that I am relatively new to the world of video editing so I may be making a simple or obvious error here.

    I have recorded some video on a Samsung SC-HMX10C digital camcorder. The camcorder records in both HD and standard format. Regardless of quality setting it will always record in the 16:9 aspect ratio. (not sure if all of this info is important, I just figured it was a good idea to be thorough in my explanation). The video output is mp4.

    The only app I have that will allow me to view mp4's at all is Premiere. I think this is noteworthy since I have never been able to confirm or deny that the video is "choppy" outside of premiere in it's native mp4 format.

    When I open the video in Premiere I have to admit that I am not 100% certain which setting I should open it in. I have been selecting the NTSC setting as the camera says NTSC on it and I figured that is a good starting point.

    Regardless of the setting, I end up with a video that has a choppy strobe light like effect. I'm no expert but I want to say that the frame rate is "off" somehow.

    The plot thickens...

    I used an app to convert the original video file from mp4 to avi. In doing so it allowed me to view the avi version of this video in virtually all of my available video players.The video plays fine in the avi format in every app except for Premiere pro. In Premiere pro it still continues to have the choppy strobe light like appearance. To clarify, in both avi and mp4 formats the video is choppy in Premiere.

    This leads me to believe that I am simply not opening it in Premiere correctly.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction or provide me with a resource so I may become more educated on the subject enough to determine how I should be opening the file in Premiere? Thanks.

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    Well probabbly your computer is to slow to run adobe premiere, just do your editting and then export it and play it with your playes and see how it looks like .
    If it looks good than it's your computer that is too slow for premiere .
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    That's definitely not it. I don't have the greatest computer in the world but it has 2 megs of ram and it's only a few months old. blah blah blah.

    that's not the issue. any other format and I can edit it in premiere with no problems.

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    First let me tell you that 2 gb of memory by it self doesn't mean much .
    Second you said anyother format you can edit, are they bigger than this file you're using now ?
    If your filesize is too big than your computer won't handle it properly, it will become slow .
    You might have a bran computer but it doesn't mean nothing .

    Are you using differents drives for your work, not the c drive, do you have more aplicattions running at the same time ?
    And finally like I said before edit your footage and export it, if after export and using one of the players you have it plays nice than your computer is not enough for premiere for sure .
    Also you can contact adobe and ask it if you want .
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    Let me be a little more clear. I am 100% positive it is not a resource issue. I have plenty of memory and plenty of hard drive space.

    When my pc had half the ram it had no problem with a video file of equal size. With the upgraded memory it's that much better.

    As I mentioned above the final edited version still shows the choppy effect.

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    Sorry I missed the part where you said " final edited version still shows the choppy effect" .
    In what format Have you record ? HD or SD ?
    What preset have you choosen im premiere ?
    This is very important To choose the right preset .
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    hey when you say premiere is the only program you can load mp4 files, have you tried the latest quicktime? Mp4 wont load correctly in WMP, there may be a codec for it, but its a file that quicktime understands. Premiere has the codec to play them correctly is why its working.

    Apple - Quicktime - Quicktime Player

    if you want to play it in something else, try renaming the file extension from .mp4 to .mpg

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    how are you getting your footage off of the camcorder? Are you capturing using Premier Pro?

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    The camera in it's HD format does 720P H264 and Premiere Pro CS4 has a preset called XDCAM EX 720P 30P which looks to be about as close as you can get. To keep the quality as high as you can I would try to keep with the h264 codec, it tells you in the output settings if it's using the Main-concepts h264 codec.

    The reason you can only view mp4 in Premier is probably like Kevin says it needs the right codecs, I use a codec pack called CCCP and in that is a freeware player called zoom which plays just about everything, it also adds the codecs to play h264 in Media Player. another good player is called Splash Lite, I don't know if it comes with it's own set of codecs or if you would still have to load them, but it's an excellent freeware player.

    The reason you might be seeing a strobe effect in your video could be that it is progressive 30 "frames" per sec and has a film like look compared to interlaced which smooths out any movement. ie 60 "fields" per sec.


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    I have been having the same problem with HD video in CS4. I am dealing with .MOV video files at 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps from my Kodak Zi8 and get choppy video in CS4 with both. Both viewing the video in Premiere and the encoded result are choppy. I've tried rendering the work area and converting the files to mp4 using quicktime pro prior to encoding with no change in results. I'm pretty sure my laptop can handle the HD vids, I've got 4 gigs of RAM, P8700 duo core processor and ATI HD graphics with a gig of memory. Should I try encoding the video to something other than mp4 and go from there? Would downloading codecs such as wandering-free's suggestion, CCCP help?


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