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Thread: Is the Panasonic HVX200 a good choice?

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    Default Is the Panasonic HVX200 a good choice?

    I am not very experienced in the world of camcorders, but need to purchase a high quality camcorder at reasonable cost. It will be used for both inhouse 'newsdesk' work, and going out to clients' premises to conduct quick interviews.
    We work with Macs and have Final Cut Pro and someone who knows how to edit using this software. I was reading about the DVX100 (that's similar to the HVX200 except it uses tapes, as I understand.). Apparently it's pretty widely acclaimed and is even being used to film feature-length productions.
    The HVX200 is going to set me back around 2.5k, should I also be looking at comparables, ie I heard Canon has a similar model?


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    What is your distribution medium?

    If it's just web and you have no further aspiratins as a film maker an HVX200 is absurd overkill imho. Its also a complex piece of kit that needs a skilled operator to make the most of.

    Sounds like all you really need is somethng far more pedestrian.

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    Hi Mark thanks for your reply. At the moment, it is web + maybe DVD. Will it be overkill in a couple of years time when standards on these mediums move up a notch or two? What about if we are trying to sell the video interviews/sessions to corporate customers. Is it really just not that much better than camcorders half the price?

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