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Thread: DVD Menus to a certain style

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    Default DVD Menus to a certain style


    I want to produce a certain style of menu structure.

    clip 1
    menu 1 choice of clips 2 & 3
    clip 2 -> menu 2
    clip 3 -> menu 4

    menu 2 clips 4 & 5
    clip 4 -> menu 4

    Basically a linked list of menus.

    I know Video Studio 9 cannot do it, any other ideas please?

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    not quite sure I fully understand you. the example you've quoted contains loose ends or orphan entries that you cannot get to.

    but basically DVDs should worl as follows.

    You create a number of timelines (usually containing video of course). Each one has an 'end action'. This end action may be to play another timeoline or go to a menu.

    needless to say a menu button will woither navigate to anew menu or play a timeline.

    A DVD has an initial action which may be to show a mnu or may be to play a timeline.

    So basically I would imagine any DVD authoriung s/w wqorth thename should allow you to start with your 'clip 1' when the DVD is first entered into theplayer. Finsihing clip 1 then goes to a menu. The menu has button to play the other timeines which have end actions to jump to other menus.

    I happen to use Adobe Encore and it does all this just fine. Pop along to the Adobe web site and download a trial version to play with.

    Can't truthfully vouch for any other as I;ve always used Adobe but what you described (if I understand it right) is all standard stuff.

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    Well that was only a fraction of what it would be, I will have a look at the above software and see if it will allow me to do linked clips rather than basic title and chapter menus.


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