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Thread: Why is my camera suddenly producing very noisy images?

  1. Default Why is my camera suddenly producing very noisy images?

    I've been using a Canon GL2 and been pleased with it.
    At the start I stuck with one brand of miniDV tape: JVC. This worked well and I was pleased with the picture.
    However, I just did a shoot and the picture has turned out low quality and noisy. That tapes I were given for this shoot were Panasonic 1hr tapes.

    I don't know whats gone wrong? I shot in 16:9 normal as I regularly do. No unusual settings. Mostly on auto settings except manual focus.

    Help! I used the camera a few weeks ago and it worked fine and now I get this noisy result. I don't think its a head cleaning issue(?)
    Can I rescue it?

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    Noise -and I assume you mean tiny dancing dots - is never ever and never will be caused by dodgy tapes.

    Noise is very often produced unexpectedly when cameras are used in full auto - it is the result of digital gain.

    I bet you were shooting in low light ? ?

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    Its true, some of the indoor light was pretty bad and the outdoor light was very bright so I would have expected the 'dancing dots' of noise.
    However, the outdoor shots with very good light were not good too. I mean, if I look at a sloping edge (example: a roof) it appears jaggered and not defined well.

    At the beginning when I got my camera someone told me "just buy one brand of tapes and stick to them". So I bought JVC and its worked well. I wonder if its got something to do with me suddenly switching to Panasonc from JVC??

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    Can you post a picture of this 'noise' from any of the videos you have shot so we can get a look at it?

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    here is an example. note the blockiness and pixilation.
    I exported it a Best quality JPG so its pretty true to what I see on my screen here.
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    Up close I can see the pixelation but it's everywhere in the picture but when you sit back from the monitor screen it's not that noticeable. Maybe I'm missing something but it looks no better or no worse than any other video. That opening near the top left looks like a rabbit, how weird is that?

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    I deliberately uploaded that particular still because of the rabbit.

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