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    Default Finding last minute clients

    I just put an advert in local paper saying that I will do a wedding for expenses only if within the next few weeks. Anyone have ideas on finding last minute clients so I can get my business started?

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    I dont get it - why do you want last minute clients ?

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    Whenever a couple are deciding on hiring a photographer/videographer to cover their wedding don't they do it about 6 or 9 months beforehand rather than leaving it to the last minute anyway?

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    You'd be surprised at how many people opt for something at the last minute. Maybe their parents have said they'd like a video, and are willing to pay for it, or they realise they see a friends wedding video for example.

    Not saying it happens a lot, but in my experience it certainly does happen. If you're offering cost only, it may also be the catalyst for finally opting for a video. But, you normally get these things by word of mouth, or by google ads. It's normally last minute checks of the internet, or friends / family recommendations - it's less likely that thse are the types of peeps that would have read the wedding mags.

    I would try a good adwords campaign for a few weeks with a budget of about 50. See where that gets youy. What is your website like?

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