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    We have one of those little sites where we upload clips and stuff. Some are a little funny so come by and check them out. . We don't have the best editing system, but eventually we'll invest in something better and the videos will get much better as well. These are just to keep the audience a little bit entertained. Some of my favorites are in the Music Videos section and the others in the series section. I love stupid sabers in the series section. check them out. We're looking for feedback so either do it here or in our forum. Please be mature about them. Thanks.


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    Why don't you post one or two direct links to your favourites?

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    It might make things more convenient to some if you posted file sizes with the links. Or did I just miss them?

    Anyway, I've started a download and will gradually have a look through.

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    Watched and enjoyed them all!

    Liked the "HAIRCUT" video. It was clever, funny, up close and personal.

    My only comment would be to 'insert' close up shots of the performers during some of the action sequences. Get their facial reactions...etc.

    You guys are having entirely too much fun

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