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Thread: Advice regarding NTSC HD camcorder purchase for UK use

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    Question Advice regarding NTSC HD camcorder purchase for UK use

    Hi Everyone,

    Have searched quite a few forums regarding NTSC / PAL compatibilty and have been unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion regarding purchasing a cheaper NTSC HD camcorder from the USA. A lot of advise iappears outdated as it doesn't touch upon HD.

    In a nutshell, I am about to spend £560 on a PAL canon HF-100 or £700 on an HF-10 SD high def camcorder for use in the UK. However, have come across some internet sites where it seems the equivalent NTSC camcorder is £100-£200 cheaper. I am assured by the seller that it will be 100% compatible with HD televisions here and also a DVD writer I have.

    Does anyone own the above NTSC camcorder or similar HD camcorder and have any experience with playback through UK PAL HDTV sets and indeed any experience with compatibilty / quality of video when doing the editing / blu-ray burning process.



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    In a nutshell NTSC cameras are cheaper than PAL cameras , why? Probably Europe has more taxes than USA .

    You won't be able to play your footage in your tv set directly from the camera, dv camera or hd camera doesn't matter .

    You will be able to donwload your footage into your computer and than convert it to pal and burn a dvd to watch on your tv set but i would not advise, first you loose quality , if it is noticible or not I don't know, never done it .
    Second if you want to use a tv set on location , where you're shooting uou can't because your tv set is pal and the camera not .
    Hope I could help .
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    Hi RDINIS,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am sure there are some compatibility issues. However, like me, it seems you are postulating.

    What I am hopeful for is that someone can advise me who has actual recent experience buying an NTSC HD camcorder and running it in the UK.



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    NTSC - never the same colour twice - nuff said.

    Pay the extra and then you dont need to worry about any comaptability issues, or warranty issues, or getting stung for import tax / vat or the crap resale value (probably).

    Better still dont buy either of those cameras - they are both overpriced toys for pixel whores in my informed opinion.

    You could get a decent s/h pdx10 or pd150 or even a pd170 (all sony) and it will cap all over the so called hdv cameras you mention.

    I have used a hg10 - same but records to HD and I was very underwhelmed, but to be fair I was no more underwhelmed than I am by most sub £1000 HDV cameras.

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    Thanks for your advice Mark,

    It seems as if it may be a false economy to go down the NTSC route....

    However, in terms of your suggestions for alternative camorders, I also don't want to walk around on holiday pretending to be a BBC reporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Just to pick up on a point Mark said about warranties, US warranties don't cover you when you get back to the EU. If a fault develops on your camcorder or you accidentally drop it one day, you will have to pay the repair bill yourself, even if it's still under warranty, in a lot of cases this can be as much as the price of a new camcorder. I would buy where you are and get a PAL camcorder instead, that way you can sleep peacefully in your bed at night. This subject has come up numerous times on this forum in the past year.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone

    Can't wait anymore as going on holiday to Morocco in 2 weeks - have stumped up £560 for a canon HF-100 from Dixons on-line PAL version. Yippee, 2 8 Gig SDHC cards from Amazon for £15 each to go with it. Should keep me busy!!!

    Bye for now,


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    If your asking wy PAL people want NTSC camcorderes, i can tell you that in Portugal for the price tag on a canon HF20, i could get on amazon:

    Canon HF20
    Canon WD-H37 II
    Canon BP208 (batery)
    Canon Carring bag
    Canon tripod
    Hauge Mini-Motion Cam


    cause 1us dollar is 1,50Euros

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