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Thread: Recommendations for buying software

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    Question Recommendations for buying software

    Ok, I bought the sony Vegas6/DVD architect combo because i definitely wanted to be able to burn a DVD of my home movies. I did not realize what an advanced program Sony Vegas was. Now I'm struggling to use it, I even bought an extra guide off Amazon which went way over my head. Basically, I want a program that will take my home movies, allow me to delete out bad footage and then burn it to a dvd. What program would be easiest to use? I've been struggling with Vegas.

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    Keep sony vegas, it's a good software .
    I know in the begining it's hard but once you learn it you will love it .
    i had the same issue with Adobe premiere but i'm happy now .
    I started with easier ones but then you want more and you can't , you need a better software so keep Vegas in the end it will be worth .
    One thing that can help you is video tutorials, they helped me a lot cause you can see how it is done and not only read .
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    thank you for your reply. hopefully, i will get better.

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