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    I am completely new to the film world, i have no proffesional knowledge and can't film worth a crap, but that is why i am here

    so anyways, i have been making videos for the past couple of months with my friends, and i really like the process, and i have enjoyed 'planning' videos since i was a young child, but i have only started recently, and made youtube profile
    YouTube - JacobJonJustin's Channel also, just to mention, all my videos ARE meant to be comedys, so yeah.

    but anyways the video i want you guys to judge and critique is my most recent one, The american way.
    so here is the link

    i am really open to criticism, i want to get better.

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    I like your costumes, very creative. I would work on the audio and video transistions, and by work on I mean add up the good work.

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    the concept is very good

    the acting and dialouge are below average

    costumes were good

    sound FX were great!

    visual effects went off into the widescreen bars which made it seem less realistic

    too much camera movement, next time, only move the camera once per shot. rarely should you pan towards something, stop, and then pan back to something else in the same shot. more camera angles would have been nice.

    music choice was OK, futuristic music would have probably fit better.

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    thank you for your tips Mr walls and eclipse!

    yes, i realize that i needed to work on the camera angles. and i will plan ahead for the next one, which is in the works as we speak.

    we spent A LOT of time on the costumes, so i appreciate that comment.

    and i also spent a lot of time searching for sound effects, so thanks for that as well.

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