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Thread: Burning DVD's - EUREKA!

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    I love Pinnacle Studio 9 for editing. I have made four movies now and have been very pleased with the results. When it came to burning DVD's however, I became increasingly annoyed and frustrated. I would either have the burning process crash, or my DVD players would not recognise the disc. The flat became blue with both cigarette smoke and my language!

    I mentioned my problem to a friend who is a web designer and software consultant. He sent me a copy of Roxio Easy CD & DVD creator. I had previously burned my movies as MPEGS and had been watching them on Windows Media Player on my PC.

    Now you have to understand that I am as computer literate as an amoeba. I was astonished to find that I successfully burned a DVD within minutes of installing Roxio. All I did was go to the DVD burning section, import the MPEG file and press burn. It even did the menus for me (something I was scared of in Pinnacle). I put the DVD into the player and hey presto, it worked.

    I don't know how much it costs, but their website is at

    I'm happy. Maybe this might be of use to somebody out there.

    Happy viewing.


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    Default DVD Burning

    Well done Falstaff.

    I'm soon to be new to the DVD burning so I am looking forward to trying some myself.
    My burner is coming with Nero.
    I's always good to have some success.


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