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    Hi Folks, Im new at this site I am a professional musician
    who wants to put music to a video/videos
    for U-tube or whatever
    How do I go about this proceedure
    I can provide music of many genres but have no video talent, nor want it
    since music is my thing I have a professional studio at home and can do professional recordings 24 bit
    the music is available on line by request
    thanks morty

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    Are the videos your own or is it a service you are offering? If you only want to put them on YouTube (have you seen the terrible quality of the videos on there? They are very pixelated.), maybe you may want to think about putting your videos somewhere else?

    You will need a basic video editor that will allow you to import music files and lay them on a separate audio track so they can then be mixed with the video, something like Windows Movie Maker 2, which is free software, will do you fine to get started with. If you decide to continue then you would have to look at something such as Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony Vegas, which are much more sophisticated pieces of software.

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    no I want to put music to videos or have videos put to my music

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    Hi morty - welcome aboard.

    I hope you have noticed we have lots of sections for posts - your is in the wrong one ! Moved to general

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