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    Hi all i need some help with adobe pphotoshop i think heres what im trying to do of course i can use it on other stuff but heres 1 scene

    (1) I have a 6 minutes video scene of a woman laying down with black hair on ground

    I want to export it into i think photoshop to break the video down into frames

    Then I want to edit it to say change her hair color or add to the image

    Once its Done What do I do to take all those frames and put them back into that video clip and do i have to do each frame individually or can i do like a batch edit and have them combines with the new changes??

    Help Please im totally lost and confused...

    Also once i do that i think its a batch thing if its say 100 frames of a woman laying on ground and her head nodding from side to side or for that matter a woman standing and walking HOW do i edit 1 image and say remove the background and have it effect all 100 frames or do i need to do each frame seperately before combining?

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    You need to draw a mask around her hair, probably frame by frame in After Effects (very time consuming) and change the colour inside the mask. Black would not be an easy colour to change from to another colour, maybe if you put in a solid colour on one layer and used a blend mode so you could still see the texture of her hair underneath, that might work.

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    Default Still need batching help

    I still need to know how to get a video clip into photoshop so it breaks it down into frames and when done how to combine it back into the video clip to save...

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    You need to export it as a Filmstrip file with a .flm extension.

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