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    Hi all,

    I have a NVGS250 and was wondering what sort of external microphone would be good for it. The Sennheiser MKE 300 seems ok but I have heard that the Sennheiser K6/M66 is even better. Does anyone think the K6/M66 would be overkill for a camcorder like the NVGS250? Is there any other that anyone would recommend? Deos anyone know where the best deal for a K6/M66 is?



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    It all depends on what type of audio you want to record, is it just ambient sound with every sound being picked up or are you looking to record voice or music at a higher level?

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    Well the situations I want to capture sound in are:

    1. Presentations - when there is only 1 speaker who might be a little distance away (when there is a question from the audience I'd like to pick up their contribution as well so since the mic will be camcorder mounted it should pick that up because the camcorder will be panned to face them). I actually filmed such a presentation and the sound was not great with just the inbuilt mic.

    2. Parties/home movies/holiday movies where the sound could come from anywhere.

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    imho you can never spend too much on your sound kit. I would argue that good sound is more important than good video. Spend the same on your camcorder as your mic and your films will be the better for it. I shoot on a very cheap second gen dv ( sony pc4) or a very good pro sd cam and no one has ever ever ever commented on the poor picture quality from the el cheapo cam, but when the sound is rubbish everyone will complain.

    Get good sound kit and learn to use it well.

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