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Thread: How to link to another video?

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    Question How to link to another video?

    I created a YouTube video in which I refer to another video on YouTube. Here's the link: YouTube - Michael Cera's Video Resume. Near the end of the clip, I refer to another video and I put the URL for the clip as a title under my talking head.

    Seems a little silly to expect someone to write down that URL and then type it into their browser. Is there a way for me to insert a link in the video so someone can click and go to the other video?

    I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Yes there is, in adobe premiere cs3, don't know about elements.
    In premiere cs3 choose export using media encore and then flash video and there will be an option for a url adresss .
    Google it and see if elements can do it .
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