Hello, I am new to this forum and fairly new to digital recording.

I am using a Samsung SC-D375 Mini DV. For my fist few captures I used the Windows Movie Maker 5.1 and firewire. I was capturing video at a 4:3 and the picture and output looked pretty good. I like shooting and recording in 16:9 and had a bunch of videos I wanted to capture in this format. Windows Movie Maker 5.1 does not support 16:9, so after a little research I decided to purchase Magix Movie Edit Pro 12. With this purchase, I expected that I was making an Ďupgradeí and would have more options and certainly higher quality, however every video I have captured with Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 is very grainy and some edges appear to be slightly jagged. I have toggled every possible setting and even captured at the absolutely highest settings possible. Iíve tried MPEG-2 and DV-AVI.

I have since tried to capture the same video using Windows Movie Maker 5.1 mpeg-2 at same quality setting and the pictures are not grainy or jagged like Magix Movie Edit Pro 12. Iím doing NTSC at 30 fps on both programs. In both programs, the monitor during the capture has crispy, beautiful video, but the capture is barely worth watching. I donít see how it could be my notebook hardware considering that Windows Movie Maker 5.1 puts out decent quality. What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any assistance at all!