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    Smile a good PC to video converter

    Hello, I am interested in recording computer presentations to make How-To videos. I would like to find a good VGA to video (NTSC) converter to put between my PC or mac and a projector. Software would be the logical choice but we will be using many different machines and simply recording the signal going to the projector would be an easier solution. Can you recommend any such converters?

    Thank you for your time.

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    You are looking to do two different things here is that correct? The first is you wish to record on screen presentations to dvd to make 'how to videos' and the second thing you want to do is connect your computer to a projector? For the first you need video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Elements 4 (you can download a 30 day trial of it) that will allow you to make the videos and then burn them onto dvd ready for distribution or for a presentation.

    The second thing you need is connectors on your computer, I haven't tried this myself but the monitor connector on your graphics card (vga) should be able to be connected to a vga connector on the projector using an appropriate cable. If the projector doesn't have a vga socket then it should have a dvi? connector, and you will need to use a vga to dvi convertor plug.

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    Default Two things needed

    Yes there are two things I will need for this project.
    One being a video input for my compute, I was thinking a pinnacle USB video input device and a second device to capture the VGA signal. Something similar to the device in this URL listed below, but from a possibly more well know manufacturer.

    External PC to TV Video Converter

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