Hi guys,

I'm new here and hope to find some help.

I am planning on buying a camcorder for recording my surgeries. The input will be from a 1920*1080 HD 3 CCD operating camera via s-video cable.

I have the following doubts and would greatly appreciate any help here:

  1. The camera outputs 16:9 - will the camcorder record the full 16:9 without any black bars?
  2. I want to be able to take still images at crucial moments - can I take the stills to a memory card while the video is being recorded to the tape?
  3. Can I capture stills even if I am NOT recording to the tape for a given surgery? For many routine cases I will be recording video to a HDD DVD recorder and will be using this ONLY for JPEG captures - is this possible?
  4. Will the stills be at the high res output of the camera?
  5. Will I be able to ask someone to capture the stills from the remote control?

Lastly could anyone suggest a camcorder [mini DV] that would allow me to do all of the above?

Thanks for any help.