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Thread: Is there any program that lets me treat frames as if I'm using Photoshop?

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    Default Is there any program that lets me treat frames as if I'm using Photoshop?

    I've heard of frame-by-frame editing, but I can't find anything like what I'm looking for. I got Sony Vegas thinking it had this option but it doesn't appear to. To put it bluntly, I want to be able to mess with the faces of people in video, which would be messing with each frame one by one as if it were in photoshop. Is there any program that lets you do that? It seems the most I can find is the ability to only add things in frames, but not cut stuff or draw in things in frames.

    I really just want to amuse myself here so any help appreciated :p

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    Don't know about Vegas as I've never worked out how to use it properly. Premiere Pro (and Elements) can export frames, which can then be edited in photoshop or in my case, CorelDraw. I've done it to correct errors before, but it gets a bit laborious especially if you consider video is 25 fps, so a 3 second sequence would mean editing 75 still pictures. Can be done very effectively, but it does require patience.

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    I would have though any editor can do this. If you slice your video footage into individual frames then on the timeoline you can do exactky what you want with each frame - as long as the tool you are using has the effects you want.

    However, your original questions contains your very best answer by far. Why not just use Photoshop itself?

    Export your timeline out as a series of stills or as a flm file and open it in Photoshop. If you have the very latest and greatest version of Photoshop you can open the video files directly as I understand it. You need Photoshop Extended though I think.

    Quick edit. Also dpending on that you are actually trying to chieve you could use After Effect. Check out Andrew Kramer's zombie face tutorial over at videocopilot to see what and how he altered someone's face.

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    You want what they call rotoscoping, that allows you to draw on video frames, Satish used to make one but does not work o V8.

    You can esport a still picture sequence fro photo shop, go to file and export I think the option is there.

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