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    I am using DivX to DVD to convert my "mpg" movies to DVD, But it takes ages.
    1st i tried burning the mpg on a Data DVD. but then i thought it would be good if i could put other movies (ISO images) to CD, basically to stop wasting money on DVD Discs. but the sound and picture is worse then Bad TV Reception. So in english i would like to know how to burn my mpg, avi and so on to DVD that have Video_TS & Audio_TS folders. or at least an ISO image without having to wait 4 or 5 hours for it to re encode. (these images are only 600mb not compressed at all) any help would be greatful.

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    I thank total video2dvd author is easier for burning DVD. Only need adding serveral video files, and then the program ca do others automatically.

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