Apologies in advance if this is already answered in these forums. I have tried searching on "ATI" and "S-video" and "analog", and the forum search ignores "ATI", so it's been hard to find something directly applicable to my situation.

Goal: I've got analog Hi8 video from my brother's wedding that I want to digitize so I can edit and add some transitions and then create DVDs for the family.

We've got an ATI DTV All-In-Wonder card, and have used it to grab cable TV programs and play the video on the PC, no problems.

In trying the analog Hi8 video last night, I get jumpy video in the preview window if I use the ATI Multimedia TV capture software to capture. *But* if I use Windows MovieMaker, the video doesn't jump in the preview, but then it seems that I can only capture to wmv format. Isn't the avi format best to edit and then to make the DVDs?

What would make the video be jumpy using the ATI TV capture program when it's not jumpy using the Windows MovieMaker program?

The hardware setup for both tests is the same:
- Used the S-video from the Sony analog camcorder into the ATI card. Thought this would be better over the composite video in. Is that generally true?

- All other programs off in the background (virus program stopped, etc)

- Brand new hard drive for holding the captured video.

- Looking at the CPU usage in TaskManager, it's about 35% during capture--not close to 100.

I followed the steps in a tutorial from the web about using the ATI All-in-Wonder to capture video, and still have this jumpiness vs when I use Windows MovieMaker.

Any pointers on ways to further diagnose what's going on would be greatly appreciated!