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Thread: If You Like Horror-thriller

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    Talking If You Like Horror-thriller

    i made this with friends for a party
    it's about a sanitarium

    i used:
    - panasonic nv gs500 camera, tripod
    - premiere pro and final cut pro to edit, on my mac

    it isn't very long but i had very much comments that is was disturbign en gross... i think they're over reacting but i guess if you have a weak stomach, maybe consider not watching

    its on the music: faith no more - easy

    if you like... comment, rate, subscribe.. that would be soooo helpful

    -> and this is my channel with more videos made by me
    YouTube - horrorshow87's Channel
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    A compelling idea.

    I like the concept of filming in an abandoned Sanitorium and I liked the shots with the "insane" patients. It maked me think of the ghosts of the patients still haunting the abandoned building. I also like the camerawork and the compositions.

    Unfortunately the "operation" didn't really work for me. The actors were too frantic and, with the black/white effect and the lack of sound, it looked a bit comical. The "doctor" actors didn't quite convince me, they were a bit young and the clothing wasn't quite right for the roles they were playing.

    All in all though, I enjoyed the video, it's a great idea and I think you should try it again.

    BTW the Commodores version of "easy" is much, much better!

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    BTW the Commodores version of "easy" is much, much better![/quote]

    really? i'll check it out then

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    Talking Great Video

    Hey, I liked your video. I laughed a lot when you were operating on the guy at the beginning, which looked quite real. 5/5. Not too long and original .
    Keep it up

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    I watched your video aswell, I liked it, it had its funny parts especially the operating table sequence (the monkey wrench was a nice touch). The exterior shot of the building at the start looked more French and it could have been set in the early part of the 20th century. It wasn't disturbing, more thought provoking, I've seen inside real psychiatric hospitals especially ones that were built over 100 years ago and they are as run down as you portray them. If we could have found out what happened to the guy who was operated on, it might have filled in some of the gaps. Again, good composition and cutting, maybe a bit more on backstory and the need for a proper opening with a title sequence.

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    i didnt really understand the story....

    i think the concept had potential, like a One Flew Over The Cucu's nest type of thing

    the music, in my opinion, did not fit the style of the video

    no dialogue??

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    thank you so much for taking the time to watch our video and your comments
    we really appericiate it.
    our new video is almost uploaded, i'll link it tonight


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    nice idea bit it didnt really grab me and i did think they were over reacting with the grusome comments coz im very screamish and i didnt react!

    i like the head knocking patient at the front it was quite funny :P
    and i think you had some good shots there of the doctors walking through the hole in the floor.
    and the pan of the room through the door window.

    but i do think this video sits in the middle of half comedy and half horror i think you need to take this idea to the extreme and make it more shocking! get really playful and graphical!
    maybe give the doctors masks that cover half their face so they look a bit intimidating, but still keep the comedy patient there!

    the idea of what your trying to do reminds me of the scene in sean of the dead where they play a jazz version of 'down with the sickness' whilst having horrific screaming zombies running around the place!!

    i dunno if you was tryna get this same effect but i think a little more thought and creativity can benefit this video

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