Adobe encore cs3!
Did you know that with encore cs3 you can export to dvd and blue-ray using the same project in the former
versions you couldnt but now you can, Have ever watched some dvds that in the end there's some trivia game or sorter
you can make it easly in encore cs3, also and this is great you can export your project to flash and it will create
a small folder with a some files and a web page that you can upload it and have someone watching your dvd with
chapter and menus and so on over the internet, isn't that great ?
Also chapter markers,playlist and so on .
Let's suppose you want just to play some chapter (1,5,9) it will jump from chapter 1 to 5 and then to 9 and back
to menu or any place you want.
There's option to make slide show, avoiding the needing of using premiere or any extra software, remeber that
a slide show in encore can have only 99 pictures but then again you can have multiple slideshows refering to one another.
Also you can have encore cs3 creating automatical sub menus refering to the chapters already created .
And so many thing.
Mark don't be mad, i'm not selling encore just giving some tips about encore cs3 maybe later i will give same
about adobe premiere cs3 .
Just helping newbies and even advanced .