Right, I am currently using a Canon MVX3i (minidv) and also the Movie option on my Canon Powershot G9.

All quite good, not brilliant quality but ok.

I have been asked to make a film for next year to be shown on a projector screen at our local airport.

I think I had better upgrade my camcorder for this!

Money is not a problem and I do believe in buying the best you can to get the best results.

So, which camcorder has the best, in your opinion, moving picture quality? I am a competant professional photographer but I just want a fairly basic point and squirt camcorder - ie it will focus, zoom in, start and stop and, most important of all, some sort of really good image stablization system. I don't care much about audio as my films have musical soundtracks.

I do prefer Canon as a make for my cameras but could be easily dissuaded!

Could some quickly explain to me about HD too. Do you need an HD tv specifically for this type of film?