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Thread: Anyone knows a good disaster recovery tool????

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    Default Anyone knows a good disaster recovery tool????

    Hi people, I have a computer that was working very well, but lately when I was working on a important project, there was a power fluctuation for a couple of times (I thought that was normal) but after the last power fluctuation my computer refused to boot up. There seems to be a failure of some kind…..but I need to get the projects back that are still in that disk.

    I would be thankful if you could suggest any good tools to get the files and documents back.

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    This seems to be a case of disaster recovery. Disaster is just un-avoidable form of error.This cannot be avoided but some precautions can be taken. I think that, as this was due to a power fluctuation, there may be an effect in the working parts of the disk. You should consult a disaster recovery company to get your job done.This can be very frustating and may be worthless if you try to get the data back by yourself and the situation gets worse.So better take the safe route and get the projects saved in a reliable way.

    All The Best!!!!
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    Would be wise to invest in a 'surge protector' in the future.

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    What a coincidence that our original poster and our first reply are both:

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    Could it possibly be that you guys our spamming our community.

    Further examples of your spam technique:
    Anyone knows a good disaster recovery tool???? - Hardware Peripherals - stange that the same response was posted to the same reply on different boards?
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    I have had good luck with Spinrite, they have a history of getting back data other utilities have not been able to retrieve. My only affiliation with this company is that I own a copy of the utility and have had good luck with it in the past.
    Best of luck,
    GRC | SpinRite 5.0 to 6.0

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