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Thread: Captured MPG Files, not playing correctly

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    Default Captured MPG Files, not playing correctly

    I am new to the board so please excuse my long message.

    I am in the process of transferring VHS files to my PC for burning to DVD. After much trial and error I thought I had nailed down the capture process. I first of all capture from VHS to a JVC Mini DV Camcoder. I then hook the camcorder up to the PC and transfer the video via firewire at a predetermined 4000kbps MPEG2 setting in order that I can get as much as poss on the DVD and not have to wait for ever for the PC to rerender the file. So far so good I thought.

    Now when i place the file into an editing package such as Video Studio 8 and make modifications to the file and then resave it the file does not play back correctly. By that I mean it will play the video/sound fine for a little while and then the image will freeze while the sound continues unaffected therefore making the edited file unusable yet the original capture files seems ok in that it does not freeze at the points the edited file does.

    I tried another package, NeroVision Express and it appears to accomplish the task but when you try to create chapters with the file it closes down with no error message.

    I have transferred 6 files successfully, aftere this it all went to pot as I have installed SP2 onto my Win XP installation.

    I am at my wits end with this idea of mine of transferring TV episodes to DVD. Can anyone out there help me

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    Transfer the video via DV to your PC. I've never heard of anyone capturing to MEPG2 via firewire! Transfer to DV, edit in DV, output to MPEG2 for DVD.
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    Default Capture to DV?

    When I said I was capturing to MPEG2 via Firewire I should have explained better. I have selected the desired capture rate setting in VideoStudio8 prior to capture to assist with the final transistion to DVD.

    The reason I was doing this is because I need to wait approx 2-5 hours for the video to be re-rendered by Videostudio 8 at 4000kbps in order that I can fit just over 2 hours widescreen footage onto the DVD using 720*576. Therefore I thought it would easier to get the initial capture file to these settings therefore avoiding the conversion before burning to DVD as opposed to capturing it as a fully fledged AVI file which takes up quite a bit of room of the Hard Drive.

    As stated in my first post it has worked for the first few captures but now it no longer does.

    Each episode is approx 1 hr long but once adverts are taken out it's approx 45 mins long. When I have finished working with the edited file it is approx 1.3gb in size.

    I am left wondering how you can get a decent quality picture to fill up the 2 hours available on a 4.7gb dvd.

    I had no idea capturing, editing, re-rendering was a very lengthy and slow process when I first bought a DV camera with this aim in mind, the primary goal of the camera was to transfer holiday video to DVD which I have done but it is not great quality becuase I wanted to try and fit approx 2 hrs onto DVD I had to convert it at 3500kbps.

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    Here is the process I would follow:

    Capture as DV --> Edit as DV --> Output as DV --> Encode to MPEG using external encoder --> create DVD using authoring software.

    Example of a cheap, good quality external encoder is TMPGenc, or TMPGenc Xpress.
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