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    I'm super pleased to have found this site, already answered a couple of questions that I had which have been a royal pain. While browsing the guides I found a way to do something similar to what I've been trying to do for my wedding video customers but it wasn't the right solution. I'm referring to the "Dallas Opening" guide on this site.

    I'm looking for a way to do 2 side by side camera angles of weddings on the screen at the same time. I've experimented with the ZOOM tool and condensed my video by 50% but can never seem to move it to the left or to the right of the screen in order to have a true side by side effect.

    Has anyone done this with premier or can shed some light on an easy way to do this? I have 1 project that I'm still working on which is a great candidate for this. I've been seeing this effect a lot on tv shows, especially wide screen movies such as Phone Booth and think it's a hot effect so if anyone has a way, please let me know.



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    You need to use the motion setting to shift the image either left or right.

    Now we move the clip around so that the middle third of the screen displays the desired footage. I was lucky in that the subject didn't move around too much so all I had to do was shift the image slightly to the left so that he remained in the middle third for the entire scene (you might want to bear this in mind when shooting your video). You can use the motion setting to constantly move the image around, but it does get rather overcomplicated and is much more easily achieved whilst shooting! To move the clip around you can do one of two things. The way I tend to do it is make sure that the progress bar is on the extreme left (i.e at the begining!) and then set the points as described in the following image (in this example, I have shifted the image 10 pixels to the left).

    As I say, if the subject continually moves around and goes outside of the "third" in question, you'll need to set a series of movement points. To add more points, simply click on the progress bar and type in new co-ordinates. You may find it easier to do it another way - you can physically move the thumb nail in the top right hand window to where you want. Click OK once finished.
    I'd be happy to explain in more detail to show how you can put two clips side by side.

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    Thanks Mark,

    Actually found another way to do it thanks to a friend in Miami. He steered me to doing it with the transform tool, reducing each video to 50% and shifting the position around the screen. I was actually able to do a true quad box with some stills that I had of the event.

    The only issue after this was that I had to render and export to a file the 5 seconds of video in order to apply a transition tool between each take of 4 pics in the quadbox. Since all these files are on a superimpose track there was no other option that I've been able to find.

    I'm currently working on the 2 box for each angle that I have of the wedding video and am actually going to see if I can set the project up in 16:9 to take advantage of my customers wide screen tv, the video I shot however is only in 4:3 aspect so I may have to play with the settings a bit for the NON-DUAL screen mode shots.


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    What did you use to move the video around the screen? I used the motion settings to achieve the effects on the "Barcelona" clip in the video example forum.

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    Here's a step-by-step:

    For the side by side I added 1 superimpose video track-
    Dragged 1 video segment into video 1a and a 2nd track into video 2-
    I added the Transform Tool (under Perspective in 6.0) to each clip-
    I ran a scale height and width to 50% on each clip-
    I used the Position on 1 clip to and set it to 180 x 240-
    I used the Position on the 2nd clip and set it to 540 x 240-
    Finally I set the transparency to alpha channel for the 1 clip that had that option and rendered the file.

    For a quad box I did everything exactly the same except:

    The screen needs to split 4 ways and you need 4 super tracks and you also have to setup all 4 clips on the alpha channel. Do this...

    Set clip 1's position as 540 x 120, clip 2 as 180 x 120, clip 3 as 180 x 360 and clip 4 as 540 x 360.

    Any additional, just email me ...


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    Different method, same result! Cheers for the info (I think your method's better than mine!)

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