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    I have pinnacle studio 11/adobe premiere and wanted to know how i can make a daylight scene to appear as if its shot at night there are no people just structures...and on the same idea how do i make a daylight video look like it was shot with night vision?

    Second Question: Deals with photoshop i think
    I have a short scene of a woman with grey hair how do i take that clip and send it to photoshop breaking it down into frames so i can edit her hair color on one file so it affects the batch then recombine the clip back into the original scene with the new hair color

    Thanx alot I appreciate this

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    If you haven't already shot the 'day for night' scene then set the exposure on your camcorder (if you can) to manual and make the scene much darker and if you can change the white balance to artificial light (indoor) it will put a blue cast on the video. Some people like that and other's don't so try it out and see does it do the job for you. If you have already shot the scenes then you will have to apply brightness/contrast filters to the video to darken it and again try adding a blue colour cast to see if that enhances the effect.


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