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Thread: making sound quieter

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    Default making sound quieter

    i cant figure out how to make part of a sound clip quieter?? i need help fast im doing a school project

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    Click Track Header of audio needing adjustment, and then on toolbar:

    Insert > Audio Envelopes > Volume ( or Shift+V )

    You will now get a Blue line on which you can then right click ON THE ENVELOPE and add POINTS, that you can then "grab" and move/adjust vertically upwards to increase or downwards to decrease your volume.

    There are plenty of other ways, but this will get you started.


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    sorry but whats the track header

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    The bit on the far left of the track where the number / titlte / volume slider (hint and slternative to answer above) are found. Clicking there selects the track so action outlinedf above is applied to salient track.

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    Mark, thank you.

    Might I suggest, to one and all, the very useful Interactive Tutorials that come free with Vegas? They are up there under the "Help" on the toolbar. Knowing one's way around the Vegas Timeline is pretty important, saves you a mass of time and gets us up to speed with the areas needing explanation - yes?

    Explanation of the Track Header is the very first item in the very first tutorial there.

    Try them all out - if still perplexed with an issue, there are people here to assist - if they can.


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    i figured it out.. thanks again grazie you are such a big help always

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    right click on the track--> insert envelope--> volume-- > double click on the envelope to add points--> drag the point to reach the desired audio level at the desired point

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