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Thread: Need help creating a movie with sabers

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    Default Need help creating a movie with sabers

    Hi, i am using adobe aftereffects to try and create a movie that will be shown next year for a class gathering. I am trying to create a saber battle. the issue i have is that the saber rotoscoping is intensely time consuming for a video which is 10 minutes long, which is what i am trying to create. therefore i downloaded and used for a 15 second (a 1 hour task...) video Andrew Kramer's saber preset. this made the task easier, but it looked unrealistic compared to many other videos ive seen, such as ryan vs. dorkman.

    What is the most effective saber method?
    also, is aftereffects the most effective editing program for sabers or should i use vegas pro?


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    is there maybe some sort of program that would allow me to use like a green stick and the program would superimpose a saber over the stick and it would track the sticks movement. is that possible?
    must i rotoscope everything?

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    i have done it and I had to keyframe almost everyframe, if you have round and cirlces movements than you can skip some frames, after effects will guess what the next frame is .
    A green stick, I don't think you would have the glow when moving your lightsaber but it's possible doing it I think .
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    i said a green stick because in movies there seems to be greenscreens which the computer can track and "stick" a surface to

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    Ok let's see how that would work, only the green screen would be replace right ? Well sometimes you wanna make it glow more so the stick becomes larger and the shadow, could you do this with green screen ? I don't think so .
    When the sticks hit eachother you wanna make it look different and mix colours and change glows and shadows, hoe are you going to do that using green sticks ?
    I'm not saying that it is impossible just ask you a few questions to see how would you work this arround .
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    ok, i see the complication.
    So my issue is, i need to make a fluid lightsaber movie, not one that looks completely fake. i know about rotoscoping frame by frame in aftereffects, but for a 10 minute movie it is gonna take hundreds of hours! also, even when i rotoscope for 15 second clips, it doesnt really look realistic.

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    It's hard work for sure .
    Check this out : YouTube - Dani Lightsaber
    This is my kid with a stick justa few secondsa and took me , should I say 10 or 20 hours.
    But there are guys used to do this and might have a better process, i'm not a after effect personne for now, my time now goes for premiere,encore and photoshop(starting ) and audition(starting too) .
    But i've tried something in after effects .
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    ^^ get a stick - put 2 red dots on the top and bottom, then use the motion tracker in AE.... easy-pizzy

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    would that really work? since the stick i'll be using will be moving pretty fast, what will happen if it blurs?

    also, how big should the dots be? should they be like red balls that stick over the saber? or just painted dots all the way around?

    thanks a ton for your help

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    ^^ if and when it blurs just adject the tracker manually - it will be a pain but much quicker than doing it frame by frame.
    The dots should be big enough to see, but small enough to be covered up once the 'saber' is put on.

    ^^ if you just doing a profile shot of the subject then this will work fine, but if your doing a shot with any depth to it (eg the subject waiving the sabre towards the camera), it will be difficult as the sabrer effect wont look very convinicing...

    I've tracked a sabre with the red dot method before using 'Boujou', I'll try and dig it out...

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