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Thread: Premiere Pro: Fine in preview, grainy on output

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    Default Premiere Pro: Fine in preview, grainy on output

    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro with a Matrox X capture card. Capturing and output through the card is simple and straightforward. I have an external television connected to the card's output, so when running Premiere, I can duplicate the "Preview" window on the television.

    When I do this, the Preview window on my computer monitor looks normal, but the image on my television looks grainy. At first I thought this might be due to some setting with the capture card, but even when burning the project to DVD (straight from Premiere), the resulting image has a little bit of color loss, and is grainy. I'm guessing this has to do with a Project setting somewhere in Premiere, but I can't seem to find anything like that. I know that some project settings are only available when you first CREATE a new Premiere project, and I'm still a bit puzzled which setting to adjust. Bitrate, perhaps?

    Any guesses? Thanks in advance!

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    are you choosing DV at the start and not something like video for windows?
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