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    I'm Eric from Topaz Labs, the authors of the Topaz Enhance video enhancement plugins for After Effects/Premiere. We've been getting quite a few visitors from assorted forums, so I decided to post and get some feedback on our software.

    Here's the deal: we're about to release a new version of Topaz Enhance along with oft-requested FCP support, and we'd like to get some ideas of what you think of it so far. To those of you who've tried it out, what do you think and more importantly, how do you think we can make it better? Functionality, usefulness, practicality... anything you can think of, we'd like your ideas.

    If you haven't tried it, the 30-day is at our website (just click the link Topaz Enhance) and it does SD to HD upconversion, deinterlacing, noise removal, etc. We've tried to make it a practical and useful tool but there's always room to improve, and we'd like to hear what the users have to say. If we do end up using one or more of your suggestions, we'll give you a complimentary copy of the new Topaz Enhance to show our appreciation.

    By the way, you can also reply to this thread with support questions. I've subscribed to this with email notification so the response will be just as fast as emailing me.

    Thanks so much!
    Eric Yang
    Topaz Labs LLC

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    Hi Eric and thanls for taking the time to post and explain about your product. Do you have any solutions at the 'lower' end of the market. Some of our users are more cost sensitive than others!

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    Vegas support please.

    A denoiser that really works would be something I would considor paying for.

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