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    Hi There,

    Had a bash at editing video from my sony mini-dv camera a year or so back...never had any luck and have since got a new computer...thought id have another go!

    problem is... i've filled the three spare PCI slots in the machine...and so cant install a firewire card? Ive seen some front panel units that fit into the cd-rom slots...but how would i connect this to the motherboard?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



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    On your motherboard there will be a pin connector that is labelled something IE1394. These are used to hook up the internal firewire ports to front panels. Check your motherboard manual for a spare slot on your motherboard - if it has one, then you can go ahear and buy a front panel. This shoudl come with a cable to connect the panel to the motherboard.

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    Great, many thanks for your time!

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