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    I would like to convert tapes from VCR and or Hi8 tapes to DVD. I know how to capture VCR tapes via my Digital CamCorder (running it through the camera and through the PC via firewire). Is there a device that can play both VCR tapes and Hi8 tapes, and allow me to capture them to my PC via firewire. I ask this as I don't have a Hi8 camera and would like to capture VCR tapes by not using my Digital CamCorder. Other than buying a Hi-8 camera is there a device to capture tapes.

    Many thanks for your replies.

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    Personally I would stick with the two methods you describe. Use the method you are currently using to transfer the VHS tapes and you will have to buy a cheap Hi 8 camcorder with an s-video out socket to give you the higher resolution compared to composite video, to transfer the Hi 8 tapes.

    Does your digital camcorder have an s-video in socket? I have one of the older Panasonic models (digital) which I was going to sell but it has s-video in/out and composite video in/out so I will hold onto it and use it as an analogue to digital convertor. You could possibly pick up a Hi 8 playback deck, Sony made a few but it would be a lot more expensive than a Hi 8 camcorder you could pick up on ebay. How many tapes do you have?

    If you wanted to look at some type of capture card or breakout box (connected by USB) with the analogue sockets on it, you could try places like Jessops or Curry's or Dixons websites to see what they have in stock, I haven't look for any of those devices recently but there seems to be fewer of them now compared to a few years ago. Pinnacle is a company to look out for.

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    thanks for the reply it did jog my memoryalso. I seem to recall that I do have aPinnacle capture device that I purchased years ago I think it had Pinnacle 8 software. Since i didn't care for this editing software at the time i removed it from my PC. Bad mistake since it contained the driver software to capture with the device. I was going to use it with the Hi-8 camera that the individual who gave me the tapes to put on DVD, but I cannot find the Drivers on line anywhere, to download. But I do have a S-video socket on my camcorder.
    Thanks again!!!

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