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Thread: how should I fix a hp xw6600??

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    Default how should I fix a hp xw6600??

    HP xw6600 Workstation (KX876AW) specifications - HP Small & Medium Business products

    can somebody please help me with this
    I work on video editing, (all adobe programmes too, I have the suite cs3)

    My company told me they will bring me a hp xw6600 (kx876aw)
    and asked me what do I want included. It's been ages since I fixed my last computer and I'm not updated at all! They don't give me time to search and I don't want to look as a fool... help!

    I suggested matrox RT.X2 and I'm not even sure if the pc has a card on it or what...

    I may need to capture hours of uncompressed video and maybe i'll purchase a new camera... my old one is a minidv sony trv50. Of course I've been struggling with after effects and premiere and waiting for ages and lots of crashes to just preview my work... (at the end I rendered it and watched it in a tv! just to make changes again and again) I hope this has comes to an end

    so what do I ask for this machine? lets say... does firewire comes in the matrox card? should I put it in the pc? do I sound stupid?

    what do you think of it?

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    does anyone know if this is a good pc?


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