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Thread: Very Bad quality from JVC Everio

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    Default Very Bad quality from JVC Everio

    Hello. I hope you guys can help me with this - I've been looking everywhere for a solution.
    I just bought a JVC everio camcorder to record a vacation. While on vacation I would upload the videos to my laptop using the software that came with the camera (CyberLink's PowerCinema, PowerDirector, and PowerProducer). My laptop is a Dell 5150. I used the USB connection to upload.
    Here's the problem:
    When I hook up the camera to a TV and watch the vids off the camera, they look great. But when all the movies that I uploaded look HORRIBLE! I mean really, really really bad. They are all pixelated and the frame rate is jumpy.

    Any ideas on why this happens?


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    Probably you're using usb1 and it should be usb2, but forget about usb you have to use firmwire ports, buy yourself a card and a cable and start transfering your footage, there's no lost of quality this way .
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    Im a total noob. I don't understand what you are saying that I need. Could you please tell me a make and model number so I can google this and buy it? Thanks

    Also, I'm pretty sure that it was USB 2.0 - I was using the wire that came with the cam and my laptop is pretty new

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    RDINIS, there is no Firewire port on a JVC Everio camcorder. It is a hard disk model and only has USB and it doesn't use USB1.1 either, the problem must lie somewhere else. Either there is a problem with the USB cable, try a different one and see if that makes any difference, there may be a problem with the USB connector on your camcorder or on your laptop. Or maybe the video player you are using on your laptop doesn't playback the video files perfectly and you need to try different software to see if that fixes the problem. Does your particular model have a memory stick aswell? Is that what you are using instead to record onto?
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    Thanks for the reply

    No, this model does not use a memory stick.
    Also, I have tried different usb cords. My digi cam uses the same type of cord and I have switched them out but the quality is still poor. Could it be the actual bundled software?

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    Thanks for correcting me Nikosony, I didn't know that .

    Thanks .
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