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Thread: Currently available camera with A/V in

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    Default Currently available camera with A/V in

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find a camera that is currently available in retail outlets or online in the UK that has AV input.

    I'm trying to setup a capture system from a bullet camera on my motorcycle, so I don't really need major lens quality of features on the camera - just good battery life and the ability to record from a standard bullet cam (currently considering stuff from or Sport-Cam Helmet Cameras UK Based Fast Delivery Bullet Camera Lipstick Cameras Action Skiing Snowboarding Racing Ski Dogcam)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you don't have the bullet lens already, forget the AV/In solution and buy one of these:

    SAMSUNG's Digital World - Miniket | VP-X300L

    See for some sample raw footage ("Samsung VP-X300L Test") and a video made with footage from the camera ("LARD 13 - Miniket Madness")

    I find it a much simpler and less bulky solution... No extra batteries, one wire with an inline start/stop and status light, records straight to DivX AVI on an SD card (immune to vibration!), and can exactly mimic PAL settings (720x576@25FPS, progressive or interlaced, 1.067 PAR) and a weatherproofed external lens with mic (Tested at 80MPH in the rain on the M4...)

    Plus aren't most bullet cams only 480 line?

    Also, get yourself a quikpod and mount the external lens on it at the back of the bike for a 3rd person (ie above and behind, like a videogame) shot!
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    I am doing likewise - mounting a bullet cam on my motorcycle helmet for a trip around France / Spain.
    I have already ordered the bullet cam (520 lines), and am looking for a decent (hopefully HDD) camcorder to plug the bullet cam into.
    Battery-life is also important for me, however I am open to any / all suggestions.
    Could you please name / recommend any recent model cam's that would be compatible with a bullet cam.
    Many thanks,

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    I would suggest an archos PVP. Records to a huge (100 gig) HD at dvd quality with a bat life of 4 hours I think.

    And it's the coolest PVP by miles. The police are using them with helmet cams in Brsitol.

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    sensor to provide 420 TV lines of resolution, with a depth of field of 5 to 33 feet. This camcorder features automatic focus and white balance, and records in MPEG-4 format up to VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution, either in the NTSC system at 512 x 492, or in the PAL system at 500 x 582
    The Archos system appears to be a wierd res. 500x582? WTF is that? I guess it must have a wierd PAR which makes that res 4:3 - euch. The PAL X300L is 720x576, interlaced or progressive, with a PAR of 1.067
    The archos system would also work out at about twice the price of the X300L.
    Furthermore, I am not sold on hard disk for all applications, I am quite surprised the police did not go for a completely solid state system, I guess the samsung, which doesn't currently support SDHC, couldn't record for long enough on a single card. With 32GB SDHC cards on the horizon, I guess that will change with the next incarnation of the samsung. SD card seems like a much better idea for high vibration environments IMHO.

    Interestingly, from the pictures on this page the connector on the archos seems to be identical to that on the samsung. I would love to try to swap the lenses around and see what happens. I have a sneaky suspicion that the samsung CCD may only be 480 or 520 line or something but with a resize done on the fly. If that were the case then I think using an archos lens may be better, as I am not sure the samsung one is a good a quality as the archos - it has issues with sudden exposure to light that I am not sure the superHAD CCDs suffer from.
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    Hmm... you have a point there... every portable device I have ever owned with a HD in has broken.

    Ipod - drive started doind weird things.
    Version 1 archos - drive broke.
    SH caddy drive - bust.

    Now I think about it i wouldnt reccomend anything portable with a HD. I am thinking about a teeny lap top at present and will be going for solid state for sure.

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