Greetings, I am the webmaster of the site "OMG! PC Games".

OMG! PC Games is a recently launched site, who are rapidly building up the reviews on our site - we have an average of 3 reviews come in a week, but this is only due to lack of staff. We are hiring, but there is further information regarding that on the website's forums.

We offer:

Friendly forums - that aren't so crowded that your page is wiped off the active topic page in a few minutes, as well as many members who are up for discussions regarding current or future games, hardware or software difficulties, movies and television, as well as many other topics.

Several new reviews a week - from the classic games, such as Doom and Quake, to the lesser known titles, such as Redneck Rampage.

Free Link Swaps - as long as you have a traffic income of 50 or more a day.

Interesting and informative interviews with the latest gaming companies, such as Deep Shadows (Boiling Point, Precursors, White Gold), to Running With Scissors (Postal 1, Postal 2, and Postal 3) we are rapidly building up new interviews with up and coming or already present companies.

If you are interested, why not come check us out, at [] - Home