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    Hi All

    I am currently considering buying a video camera, the intended purpose isrecording holidays and family events. I am never going to get real involved in this I just want reasonable quality and the ability to do simple edits, transitions and add titles.

    I have a copy of Pinnacle v8.x and have also looked at Windows Moviemaker but have been unable to get either to work with the test media I have.

    1) I have footage from an old 8mm analogue camera (no digital output) I have copied this off to DVD using the DVD recorder under the TV (the kind that replaced the video recorder and plays commercial DVDs) This plays fine on the DVD player and in the PC. However I have been unable to get any of the software I have to 'read' the file in to do any editing. The material is mine there are no copyright issues, the file is not protected in any way.

    2) My still camera has a 'movie mode' but the resulting files are in Quick Time Movie (.MOV) format and again none of the software will open this type of file for editing.

    I am beginning to think video editing is another example of technology thats 'not really there yet' and probably needs a while for the various vendors to sort out the formats.

    My outline budget for a new camera is £300 - £400 prefer something that will connect to the PC by firewire. PC should be up to the job (it was speced for still photo editing has a reasonable processor 1Gb ram and plenty of spare disk space, I already have a DVD burner.

    Any comments as to how I can get the data I currently have into a format that the editors can deal with, If I cant get a demo out of what I currently have to get a feel for the finished result the project will have to go on hold until the technology is cheaper and better developed. I have little interest in getting heavily involved in this, I want to be sure that its all going to work fine right out the box. If its gonna put up a fight Iím off to sit it out.

    Opinion/comment/suggestion most welcome.

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    I don't own a DVD recorder but I suspect it is written to in the same form as purchase DVD, i.e. MPEG2. So by recording to DVD through this kit you have MPEG2 video on your disk.

    Sadly, this is a compressed format (so you can fit a whole movie onto a DVD) and is not easily editable using commercial s/w.

    No doubt there are those here who can guide you on converting it to a format that is.

    Dont let this put you off. Video editing is easily achievable on just about any PC bought in the last few years.

    I suggest you buy a Mini-DV camcorder as this is the best format by far imo. This will connect to your PC through firewire (which you already mentioned). Through this, video capture will capture as a very large AVI file which will be editable in any editing s/w. The AVI file will eat up your disk space if you're not careful though. 1 Gb for each 5 minutes of raw footage. So an hours video takes up about 12Gb. Once you edit this and export an MPEG2 file to author a DVD using more s/w you can easily reduce this down to managable proportions to fit easily onto a writable DVD.

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