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Thread: HELP! IM new to this!

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    Question HELP! IM new to this!

    Hi everyone my name is Kirsty and im currently studying a foundation in art and design. For some crazy, unknown to be reason i decided to make a video for my final major project. I have NOT planned it through one bit and ive come to the stage where i need to transfer my recordings so far onto my computer. I have no leads of anything to do this and i am looking to buy one ASAP as i only have 3 weeks to do this.

    My camera is a sony DCR-PC1E and i have a computer with NO firewire output thingy!! Can any point me in the direction of usb cables or anything which will get my video onto the computer for editing!

    All responses wil be GREATLY appreciated! MANY MANY MANY MANY THANKS


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    Your Sony should havecome with some type of software to allow the transfer of your movie files. If your Sony manual says it uses USB you can find the cables at Walmart Best Buy Circut City or any camera or computer supply store.

    I don't know what operating system your computer is using but when you hookup the USB cables from computer to camera and turn on the camera the computer should give you some clue it has connected.

    If the Sony uses a Firewire connection you will need a Firewire card installed in your computer they are found at the same places I posted above.

    Good Luck.

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    If your camera has a firwire port then you need to buy firewire card if your computer doesn't have one already a cable to plug your camera to the computer, be carefull there are two type of these cables so check what is the one you want that match your camera and computer .
    The software you can download dvslpit for free and it will copy your footage from your camera to your computer .
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