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Thread: Upload your funny videos

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    Arrow Upload your funny videos, and get free traffic

    Hi everybody

    This is my new video site Funny Videos Tv

    If you have any funny videos that you would like to share, upload them and we provide you a free link to the site of your choice as a thank you!
    ( links to adult sites are NOT allowed)

    Its totally compatible to other video systems such as / / etc; just send us the embed code and we will add it. videos are about funny moments, funny people, funny animals, funny commercials, and the generic funniest clips around the internet.

    Every day the visitors number is getting bigger, Share the videos and get more traffic to your site.

    Thanks, regards
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    Funny site, I liked it and relating to American Idol, I found another funny video on youtube, but from Bulgaria: YouTube - Ken Lee - Bulgarian Idol (WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION) It's so cool...

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    Default haha

    Check these guys out. They're hilarious!

    YouTube - dwangbrosfilms's Channel

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    Check out this channel as well!
    It's rather humorous!
    YouTube - MugnaplumbatumaInc's Channel


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    Oh god - I loose count of these sites that offer the amazing oppertunity of looking at links to you tube... WOW.

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    haha, i bet you do.
    which one do you think is the best though?

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    Default my funny video

    ok i got this funny video of mine you should totaly see it and add it to your site ehres the youtube link

    lets help each other out ^.^

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    Good link mate!
    I'll get posting straight away
    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Large_Pudding View Post
    Good link mate!
    I'll get posting straight away
    All the best
    Thanks bro

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    Default My funny music video

    Check it out, 4 of me tell a story of a rasta reliving the past hour in a hilarious way!

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