Does anyone know whether the sport pack mentioned above will work with older sony handycams, such as a dcrtrv33e???

There is so little info and /or specific forums for sony handycam gear surprisingly.

Can anyone suggest a good place for info on older sony models??

I actually have an spk-trc which is not really suitable for real underwater work any more-I think generally the seals and hinges are worn out. although still suitable for rain/snow work I geuss.

I am trying to find out if this newer model "Sony Handycam SPK-HCD" would be suitable for an older model cam. They list just the newer models as being suitable, but I suspect that my cam would work fine in this thing. Can get no sense from sony staff here in australia, as they are just reading from a product catalogue. basically these things typically just have a track that the camea bolts to and 2 cables that connect to the lanc jack and audio in. I really think thye say that its only suitable to be used with the current catalogue of handycams in the hope that you will upgrade your camera. Mine is working great so need for that. All I want is to be able to safely take it out in the surf.

any undertwater/surf vid guys out there???

any info appreciated