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Thread: Premier Pro - saving my movie - file size huge + other probs

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    Default Premier Pro - saving my movie - file size huge + other probs

    Here is an e-mail I sent to a person who made a wonderful game movie using Adobe Premier... However, he has yet to reply and I sent it a week ago...

    I have Adobe Premier Pro and am trying to make a video with recorded footage of Call of Duty, but it is not working out at all... First off, here is what I do:

    Record in game footage using the demo record tool. Then I close out, start fraps 2.0, and go back in game. I load my demo and then record clips of the demo that are the best. I record no sound, and I record the video as Full Size at 30 FPS.

    So I have the raw uncompressed avi files that fraps recorded, which are HUGE. So I go into Adobe Premier and import a clip into the bin. I drop it onto the sequence, and I am just trying to figure out how to save the thing in proper ratio and proper file size. I know how to edit with Premier, and can edit quite a nice video, but cannot finish it.

    So then I hit Ctrl+M and I go to Settings - this is where it gets funky. I recorded the demos in 1024x768 resolution, however if I just make the movie on default settings it is all zoomed in and looks funky. So I figured I'd try and configure the settings myself. I am stuck there. I am not sure what File Type to make... I found that if I use Microsoft DV AVI I cannot specify the Frame Size under Video. So I choose Microsoft AVI as the File Type rather than DV AVI. Then I specify the Frame Size to be 1024 x 768. I set the FPS to 30 since that is what the clip was recorded at. So I go ahead and finish, save the file, and not only is it abnormally large (it should be smaller) it also is still a little bit zoomed in so cuts off some of the movie... And again, it is still too big file size...

    So what am I doing wrong? I am really at a loss because I can use Windows Movie Maker 2, but Adobe Premier has much better quality and editing options.


    So basically, I have avi format footage that I recorded with software called Fraps. Unfortunately, it records in real-time so there is no compression, so a 30 second clip is 400 MB. However, even after I go into Adobe Premier and try to make the clip in that, it ends up being just as big if not bigger... Why is this?

    I know how to use Adobe Premier in the sense that I can edit just fine - I just cannot seem to get the thing finished. It refuses to save the movie file in proper screen ratio nor in reasonable file sizes...

    I just tried saving the movie in .mov format and it actually worked... Sort of... It saved it with proper screen ration, none of the video was cut off, but the file size for the 30 second clip was still 96 MB...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Yep. Start a new project with the settings to match your video. How? Well, once you click new project there will be a tab labelled "custom Settings". click on that.

    For the editing mode, chose Video for Windows (it's DV playback by defaul). Change the framesize etc to match (you seem to know what the settings of your video are). Then click OK in the normal way.

    Alternatively, get the a DV codec and run your video through VirtualDub.

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