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Thread: Help! Velocity Envelopes Do Not Render

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    Default Help! Velocity Envelopes Do Not Render

    Hi all. I am a newbie here, and have a quick question.

    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0b Build 217. My problem is the following:

    When I apply a velocity envelope to a clip and change its speed to anything but 100%, that clip will not render in the final video. I have tried rendering my video in various formats, e.g. mp4, avi, mpg, and so on; however, none of these will render the clips with velocity envelopes in my project.

    How can I fix this problem? If I need to provide any other information, please tell me.

    Thank you in advance, and I appreciate your taking the time to help out a new guy.

    Crown Clown

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    Sounds buggy - do they work in the editor ?

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    Yes -- any clips with velocity envelopes appear fine in the editor. I encountered this problem using Vegas 8.0a, so I upgraded to 8.0b. The same problem, which I described above, occurred.

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    I have never ever heard of the a velocity envelope being ignored on render. Are you certain you are rendering the correct slice of the timeline? Weird . ..

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    Yes, all clips are in one layer. It is indeed weird, and very frustrating.

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    I figured it out! (well it worked for me)

    after you change the velocity, right click on the clip, go to properties, then Disable resample.

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    Glad you fixed it but cant see how that would have done it - grazie what do you think ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    Glad you fixed it but cant see how that would have done it - grayzie what do you think ?
    What do I think? I think this back to front. If anything forcing or using the smart resampling option is there to ensure smooth frame by frame transition. For example IF I was to put in a veloenvel and reduce to 37%, that is a 1/3 speed, and disabled resampling I get a stuttering of the video. Vegas doesn't know to make up the interim frame build - it stutters. But, when I use any of the resampling option then I get a smooth slomo.

    This is very odd. Are you sure you meant disable resampling? If this is so then I would be asking SONY directly.

    To confirm this I had just repeated my test and got exactly what I said above:

    A] Disabled resampling = Stutter

    B] Enabled resampling = Smooth

    I then

    1] Pre-rendered - Same result

    . .and . ..

    2] Rendered to AVI - Same result

    I also repeated the same test BUT this time INCREASING the velocity to 300%. Same results, and I still get a render to AVI.

    So, I can neither repro your result in Preview nor in a full AVI render nor for 37% nor 300%. But what I can say is that I DO need resampling engaged to make velicity envelopes to produce smooth renders and previews.

    You are saying you don't get renders with resampling engaged? Try this for size: Do the same thing but this time REDUCE the velocity. I want to see what you get with and without resampling. I have a thought

    And Mark, I don;t think this is a "fix" - I really don't. It flies against what I understand about sampling. But I HAVE been wrong before . . .


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