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    Default abobe premiere 6.5

    How do I add a Sepia or black&white movie effect to a part of my storyboard?

    I want to make the part old, like the movies were in the years way back

    and btw, can i play movies backwards in premiere?

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    Shit, I know how to loop sounds and vids back forward.
    I ment slowmotion, is that something with the duration?

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    Ok, to add a sepia tint to a video clip, select the quick time effects video effect and drop it onto your clip.

    Now select color tint, then Sepia Tone:

    et voila. Sepia tone:

    To slowdown a clip, right clip on the clip and select speed. Enter the new "rate", e.g. 50%. To reverse a clip, enter -100%

    Hope this is what you wanted![/img]

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    Whiii Tnx, now I will figure it out : )

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    still 1 question.

    I think I found a great encoder, its called cinepack codec by radius
    I am editing a video I made this summer, from all the tapes I found, but then I thougt widescreen was the best, cause I would have an upper and lower "band" so the film would by less hudge.

    now, what do you think is the best to do for widescreen compression.
    now I do the radius 320*180 allmost highest bitrate 30 fps or something

    also, in premiere 6.5 how do I make a .wma for preview online?
    to keep the file small, do I have to install realplayer? cause I personally think realplayer is not that good.

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